Most of our consultations include a Sight Test, but we also provide many other consultations, such as examinations for red eyes, sore eyes, flashes/floaters, and contact lenses.

Sight Tests assess whether a patient will benefit from spectacles, or whether their existing prescription can be improved. For most of our patients we recommend a routine interval of two to three years between Sight Tests. 

  • Privately funded Sight Tests are now provided as part of a larger consultation, which also provides an Optomap© digital scan and icare© tonometry.  
  • NHS funding is available for testing the sight of eligible patients. We recommend that every patient who has a NHS Sight Test also books an extra 15 minutes so that we can provide an Optomap digital scan and icare tonometry, in addition to the Sight Test.

The Optomap scanning laser ophthalmoscope provides a unique view of the inner eye, and we strongly recommend this to all of our patients. The icare tonometer (to measure the internal eye pressure) has been much more popular with optometrists and patients than the traditional air-puff tonometer.

optomap image of back of eye

NHS sight tests

NHS sight tests are available for those who satisfy certain criteria.

For more information, please see here.